chunky bangle brick red, cream and clear handmade resin bangle

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Product Description

chunky bangle. handmade resin bangle bracelet.
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Each piece comes in a hand crochet bag, perfect for gift giving or just as a treat for yourself.

Each listing is for a single item unless indicated as a pair, trio or set. If other bracelets are photographed along with the item listed it is for stacking suggestions only.


1.4 inch (35mm) tall

2.5 inch 64mm) inner diameter

3.1 inch (78mm ) outer diameter

Please be sure to check the dimensions of the bracelet to ensure that you're getting a proper fit. Inner diameters of 2.25 (approx) are for extra small hands/wrists, 2.50 (approx) are the standard diameter for 'average' sized hands/wrists, 2.6 (approx) are slightly oversized, and 2.9 (approx) are plus sized. If you need a custom size PLEASE don't hesitate to request a custom piece. I've made custom sizes as small as a 2 inch inner diameter and as big as a bit over 3 inches inner diameter.
If you're unsure of the size you need please measure the diameter at the widest part of your hand (thumb tucked in) and this will give you an idea of what size you need.
I take the utmost pride in my jewelry and I consider each piece that I design and create, as a work of art. I work hard to ensure that I’m not simply reproducing the same resin bangles or rings that are already out there. My work is unlike any other shop’s inventory!

chunky bangle brick red, cream and clear handmade resin bangle

cocomias handmade resin jewelry

The power of a beautiful piece of jewelry should never be underestimated! Sometimes all it takes is a vibrant bangle, ring or necklace to brighten someone's day.

Top quality beautiful handcrafted resin bangles and rings with the occasional necklace in there too by an indie designer/artist. Support handmade artists and rock your one of a kind piece!