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chunky bangle yellow handmade resin bangle


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chunky bangle SET of FOUR brown mint green turquoise and orange stacking bangle bracelet handmade resin bangle


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chunky bangle extra tall oranges yellows white blue greens vertical striped handmade resin bangle


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resin bangle Rosie coral chunky resin bangle bracelet Handmade resin bangle bracelet


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chunky bangle pair dark pink and clear chunky bangle bracelet handmade resin bangles


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chunky bangle brick red, cream and clear handmade resin bangle


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cocomias handmade resin jewelry

The power of a beautiful piece of jewelry should never be underestimated! Sometimes all it takes is a vibrant bangle, ring or necklace to brighten someone's day.

Top quality beautiful handcrafted resin bangles and rings with the occasional necklace in there too by an indie designer/artist. Support handmade artists and rock your one of a kind piece!